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With the experience in my Web Designe, I have started the Hindi Me Wiki blog so that I can share my technology knowledge with everyone and through which you can stay updated in technology and with that knowledge you can use technology in your life. 

MeghRaj Jarwal

I decided to make this blog in English because all information related to technology is found only on the internet in most English and most Indian Internet users prefer to read information in Hindi, of which I am an myself because I think English content They do not understand the interest and understanding that can be read in Hindi content. (I Like English but I Love Hindi)

In today’s time, with the help of internet, you can learn anything like dance, cooking, crafting, programming, vehicle repairing, etc. Just be interested in learning inside you but people reverse it, whatsapp, songs, videos) and says that we do not get our content in our language but that is wrong because in today’s time, you get your content in your language too.

For example, if you want to read and learn about technology in Hindi, then HintAdvice.com is the right place for you because I do 1-2 posts on the subject related to technology on this blog like how you are doing internet Make money, how to use wordpress, how do SEO on your blog, internet security, and privacy related tips and tricks and many more tech tips.

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